D-Day beaches day trip from Paris by train


Full-Day (Approx 13 hours)
Train and Minibus
Starts in - Paris (Gare Saint-Lazare)
Conducted in English French
Duration Of The Tour - Approx 13 hours
$ 241.90 USD / adult
Infants free

This Day trip by train to the D-Day beaches is the leisurely way to visit the landmarks of the Allied invasion. Starts from Paris.


10:10 AM  Your tour starts as you board the 9:10 AM train from Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris to the Bayeux Train station (Train tickets included)

12:15 AM Arrival at the Bayeux train station.

Make your way to the Place du Quebec for the 1:00 PM departure of the 4.45 hour American Sector Afternoon tour with visits of

One of the largest German coastal batteries with six guns. Being of 6-inch caliber and of a range of about 10 miles these cannons would be a threat to both Omaha and Utah beaches (i.e the whole American sector). Because neither the air- nor the naval bombardment would be enough to be sure all guns were destroyed before the invasion started the task was given to Lt. Col. Rudder and the 225 U.S Rangers of the 2nd battalion to finish the job on D-day. Mission seemed impossible : after landing on the small rocky beach they had to scale the cliff a sheer wall of about 100 feet (with their rope ladders and grappling hooks) and find and destroy the guns. Mission was accomplished though by 1st Sgt. Lomell and S/Sgt Kuhn in about two hours but the surviving Rangers still had to hold their ground in face of the German counter-attacks until relieved on June 8… Total casualties resulted very high. Thanks to the first help of a group of locals to make this incredible site a place of memory it has been well preserved since with its monuments and a number of bunkers and also bomb craters all over this 30-acre battlefield. One can still enter some of these bunkers (both above ground and underground) especially the Observation and Command Post newly-reopened after 10 years.

The most famous and most difficult of the five D-day beaches. It took the highest casualties due in particular to its topography : it was the only beach with high ground just beyond. The impossible task here was to get off the beach as quickly as possible in order to reach the top of the bluff when the only four exit roads were still blocked off by the German defenders. The air-bombing and naval bombardment that were supposed to disorganize them almost completely missed. Standing there and seeing this beach (4 miles long) all at once when realizing about the big tides and discovering the German fortifications and gun emplacements will leave you amazed at the extraordinary courage and sacrifice needed. You will understand why the 1st and 29th Infantry Divisions suffered more than 3 800 casualties (dead wounded or missing) to make this battle a victory.
They had to jump out of their Landing Craft and wade their way out of the cold water past the terrible beach obstacles as graphically depicted in “Saving Private Ryan”.

The Normandy American Cemetery is the final resting place for 9.387 Americans. It covers 172 acres and is an actual battleground as it overlooks the “Easy Red” sector of Omaha Beach. Soldiers of all ranks (private to general) honored here were buried after the war was over (close to where they died during the summer of 1944) on their families’ request. Soldiers all equal in death and their graves in no particular order they are all marked with the same beautiful Italian white marble headstones. Only around 300 soldiers remained buried here in unidentified graves but over 1.500 M.I.A’s are listed on the Wall of Missing. Even though the story behind each grave is a sad one and the sacrifice of all deserves to be recognized some of them are better known such as the three Medal-of-Honor recipients or the three Generals (including General Th. Roosevelt Jr). Also the two Niland brothers base of Saving Private “Ryan” or the Ollie Reed father & son. And more recent 1Lt. Billie D. Harris whose wife Peggy first visited the grave in April 2006

5:45 PM Drop-off at  the Bayeux train station

6:41 PM Train from Bayeux to Paris Saint-Lazare.

8:45 PM Arrival at Paris Saint-Lazare

Tour includes:

  • 2nd class train ticket from Paris Saint-Lazare to Bayeux and return
  • 1 American Sector Afternoon tour
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  1. Full payment is required at the time of booking.
  2. 80% of the total price will be refunded in case of a cancellation occurring more than 15 days prior to Tour Date. In case of a cancellation occuring closer to the Tour Date, it is to the Tour Operator's discretion to issue a refund, which may be partial or complete. Tours that cannot be confirmed within 2 business days will be refunded in full.
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