Champagne tour from Paris


Full-Day (8 hours)
Minibus (8 people max.)
Conducted in English
Duration Of The Tour - 8 hours
$ 294.40 USD / adult
Infants free

Exclusive trip to the city of Reims – the traditional place of the crowning of the kings of France.
The tour includes a trip to the unique Reims Cathedral, visiting the vineyards of the Champagne Province, which gave it’s name to the famous drink, local wines-tasting and special discounts.

The tour lasts approximately for seven hours (including the road). This tour is for fans of European history and architecture, as well as for lovers of sparkling and rare French wines. We provide a comfortable bus for you.

  • Part of Chamapgne as seen on this tours from Paris

First stage: Reims – the city of kings.

Duration – about one hour.

Reims – a unique point on the map of Western Europe. The largest city and the heart of the Province of Champagne and a historic home of the roman legions, and Aleman tribes with Vandals. From the eighth century Champagne was the patrimony of the French kings.

Reims was included as a UNESCO World Heritage Sight.

Our guide will offer You the most interesting walking tour around the city.

Reims is the birthplace of French Christianity: in the year 498 the Frankish king Clovis the First was baptized there. After the construction of Reims Cathedral in the XIII th century the King’s coronation became traditionally conducted there as well as their enthronement. Jeanne d’Arc has also glorified Reims, after she finished her campaign in The Hundred Years’ War. Reims became the center of culture, science and divinity after the first university was opened here. You can walk around the streets of the ancient city, whose greatness was made it the envy of the capitals of European kingdoms and principalities in the Middle Ages.

There are more than a hundred rare architectural constructions in the center of Reims: from Porte de Mars to the Palais du Tau the former residence of the archbishops of the French Catholic Church, where Ludovic the XV Crown is guarded. There are more than 20 various historical museums – from the Museum of Fine Arts to the Musée de la Edition, where the Third Reich signed the capitulation in May 1945. The headquarters of the world-famous vine-companies such as Veuve, Clicquot and Pommery are situated in Reims and beneath the city there are more than 200 kilometers of wine cellars! When you walk around the city you should try to taste the famous Reims’s pink biscuits!

Secod stage: Reims Cathedral: the Throne of kings.

Duration – about one hour.

Notre-Dame de Reims – the legendary historical and religious artifact of Europe and a perfect example of French Gothic architecture of XIII-th century. Notre-Dame de Reims, along with Notre-Dame de Paris belongs to culture objects of history, obligatory to visit for guests of France. Ludovicus Pius, Charles VIII, Louis IX, Saint Louis, Louis XV, Le Bien Aimé, François II, Louis XVI, Carl X were all anointed here.

The startling exterior and grandiose interior of the cathedral will amaze you as well as the height of 80 meters. The experts call it the most harmonious cathedral of France. More than one hundred sculptures of French kings and saints, fabulous animals and mystical beasts adorn the walls. Portals and windows are decorated with exquisite stone ornamentation. Please note the stained glass: they are an art masterpiece. Depending on the time of day some may look like a burning bright flame, the others gently radiate an inner light. They are the most interesting things in the chapel of Jeanne d’Arc.

As a souvenir in Reims Cathedral you can purchase a unique CD with chants of monks. Don’t forget to ask the guide to show you the symbol of the cathedral – the “smiling angel”: it will guarantee the good mood until the end of the tour!

Third stage: Vineyards and wine tasting.

Duration – about two hours.

Without a doubt, if you come to Champagne, you must try the world famous sparkling wine.

You will visit one of the most prestigious wine-growing companies in the region, and see the manufacturing process of the divine drink – from pruning the grape vine to the grape pressing, blending and wine storage. You can visit ancient cellars, which hold thousands of dusty glass containers with valuable content, and taste the wine. We invite you to slowly savor the taste of real Champagne in the region with a long-time tradition of production of the noble drink. Centuries ago, the local wines were appreciated by French monarchs – your turn has come!

You can purchase every wine you like at a special discounted price


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