Visit to Pere Lachaise - Famous Graves of Paris


Walking tour
Starts in - Paris
Conducted in English French
Duration Of The Tour - 2 Hours
$ USD / adult
Infants free

This is a semi-private tour of Paris famous Pere Lachaise cemetery. The tour includes a mix of the best known graves such as those of Jim Morrison and Chopin with lesser known but just as fascinating visits to lesser known graves with incredible stories such as Heloise & Abelard. Pere Lachaise is a cemetery of particular beauty and this tour incorporates the stories and history into a pleasant afternoon walk through this park-like setting.

Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris

Most people wouldn’t include a cemetery on their list of ‘sights to see’ when visiting a new city but Paris’ Pere Lachaise is different.  

Considered to be some of the most expensive and coveted grave real estate in the world– Pere Lachaise is home to 70000 dead, among them some of the most famous artists writers and musicians the world has ever known.

Most know this cemetery for Jim Morrison but ignoring the rest would be a shame, as the tombstones recount endless fascinating stories about the lives that were laid to rest here. 

Meander this labyrinth of stones trees and dirt paths with us, as your guide points out the famous graves and hidden eccentricities that make this place special. Oscar Wilde’s tomb surely stands out covered entirely with bright red lipstick kiss marks from visiting admirers.

Discover one of the greatest and most tragic love stories of all time --- that of Héloise & Abélard now buried side by side after long years of separation.

As we pass Chopin’s tomb you can almost hear his most well known piece the Funeral Dirge. 

We’ll also find the resting place of Moliere the famous French playwright. Famous for irony and satire Molière — a sick man whose doctors thought he was a hypochondriac — died playing a well man who is a hypochondriac onstage while the audience cheered him on.

Ironic indeed that the most visited grave in this Paris cemetery is that of the infamous American rock star – Jim Morrison. His grave and those surrounded it are covered with graffiti from the hoards of fans that come here to visit his resting place.

Among others Balzac Proust and Delacroix await us in the hidden corners of the graveyard. No rush We’ll see them all -- they aren’t going anywhere.

Join us on this extraordinary tour of this very special cemetery and relive with us the lives and stories of the great people buried here.

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