Jewish Paris


Walking Tour (1.5 hours)
No transportation included
Starts in - Paris (Metro Station Saint-Sebastien-Froissard)
Conducted in English, French
Duration Of The Tour - 1.5 hours
From $ 32.60 USD / adult
Infants free

This 90 minute walking tour through the Marais - one of Paris’ most colourful and authentic neighbourhoods - will introduce you to the historical heart of France's Jewish community. walking through 'the Pletzl' will give you a glimpse into this extraordinary community and its rocky history. Yyou'll hear about the remaining shops and families that still call the Pletzl their home. You'll get a chance to see the Synagogue designed by Hector Guimard, the creator of Paris' Metro iconic Art Nouveau marquees, and to have a typical Jewish pastry at one of the local delis.

This 90 minute walking tour through the Marais - one of Paris’ most colourful and authentic neighbourhoods - will introduce you to the historical heart of France's Jewish community

During your time through centuries-old cobbled streets you'll get a chance to see the Pletzl as the area where Jews from Easter Europe settled at the beginning of the 20th Century is known. Our guide will cover the extraordinary fate – sometimes inspiring sometimes tragic – of Jews in France stretching over 800 years and all the way to today.

We see how around 1900 Marais became the Jewish district it is today when France stood as safe haven for Jews fleeing pogroms and persecution in Eastern Europe. We'll see the  Art Deco synagogue built by one of Paris’ most celebrated architects Hector Guimard.  

Further along Marais confronts us with shocking evidence of the religious persecutions against Jews in the Middle Ages. Marais is the closed quarter medieval Jews were forced to live and were humiliated in yet also the place they were periodically expelled from.

\"\"Throughout the tour we'll  enjoy discovering the Jewish stores and foods and ambiance of the present we'll peek into shop windows and we'll gossip about the families that run the stores.

We also discuss the Dreyfus Affair the seminal court case that divided French society at the beginning of the 20th Century and launched the modern revival for the idea of a national homeland for Jews in Israel.

We end this tour at the Holocaust Memorial and the wall of names – a testimonial to the 72000 Jews from France who died in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

Before parting the guide provides many extra recommendations about Jewish Paris (and the food and the stores) for beyond the duration of the tour.

This tour sheds a light – often surprising – on the destiny of Europe’s largest Jewish community. Away from clichés it also offers a glimpse into French history and the French national character.

Please note that on this tour we will not be visiting any synagogue.

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